A Bagel and a lemon

It’s midnight.  I’ve been working in my office and walk out to Jac, munching on a bagel with cream cheese…topped with a pickle.  Before I could issue my regime of sarcastic, prego remarks she presents me with the option to delight my palate with this anti-food.  As an attempt to humor her, I take a small bite and pull away with a cringe.  I delivered my punchline. Unfortunately, Jac earned the last laugh.  I went in for seconds…



Time is flying by! Jac is already 14 weeks along!  At this point our little one is already the size of a lemon.  Wild, right?  I’m not going to lie, it’s just starting to hit me how much we have to get done before baby #2 arrives. All you parents of two, how soon is too soon to start panicking?

Green Couch Photography_0156.jpg

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