Beauty from Ashes

I have had my fair share of photo shoots in the rain. This was the first time I have ever been rained on while photographing in the master bedroom of a clients house. Rust filled water dripped on my head and camera as my shutter snapped. This was not a typical rainy day session. There was nothing romantic about it.

As many of my brides can attest, I love to become more than just their photographer. I try and become a friend. This is a dear friend of mine and actually the first bride of my career. That said, when I found out about Mark + Jenne’s house fire my heart was broken. It has always been easier to express myself through art rather than word. So when Jenne asked if there was something we could do with her tattered and ashed wedding dress the first thing I thought was let’s head straight to the source; the house. Jenne gave me a rare opportunity that I am so honored to be a part of.

Mark + Jenne sold their beautiful, updated home in the suburbs of Miamisburg, OH to attempt to bring light to a damaged community in the urban district of Dayton, OH. A less than sought after area. The plan was to purchase the home from Mark’s father and begin completing their mission of bringing light to a very damaged community. Things were going very well. Updates were being made and progress was recognized. That is until the fire. The fire that changed everything. In a burst their plans for hope and recovery were devastated. Now homeless with a 2 year old son and a 9 week old son they are left with nothing but the charred memories of what used to be their home. All earthly possession gone. Everything that makes them feel human…gone.

I would also like to give a shout out to Leslie Savage Moss for being part of this crazy process. I hope these images can portray a sliver of the emotional response that I felt when entering the Jenkins’ home. I guess more than anything, I would like to thank Jenne for giving me the chance to be part of  the healing process from this tragic event. I hope these images can portray a sliver of the emotional response that I felt when entering the Jenkins’ home. My prayer is for others to see that there really is beauty from ashes.

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