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This bridge is a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony at Carillon Park in Dayton Ohio

The second stop on our tour of Ohio photography destinations is Carillon Park in Dayton Ohio.  Green Couch Photography has had quite a few opportunities to shoot at this awesome and historical venue.  Some of our favorite wedding pictures have been captured on their very unique and beautiful property.  This post will be difficult to keep short because there is a lot to say about this venue; it has really served us well as photographers and we are always excited whenever one of our brides books it as their location.  I’d like to touch on just a couple of reasons why we like this place so much and what we think it offers if you are considering it as a venue.


Wedding Photographers Chris Malmstrom and Zac Surant photograph a wedding at Carillon Park in Dayton Ohio

Plenty of rooms, buildings, and unique photo opportunities

Before I get to far into this I have to mention that getting into Carillon Park is not free.  You need to pay for getting in or book the venue to take pictures there.  This is different from Cox Arboretum from last week’s post so it’s worth mentioning.  First and perhaps most importantly when shooting a wedding is that this venue has plenty of rooms to use for the wedding party to get ready.  There are several buildings around the campus that provide space for this.  While this may seem like a small thing, it is surprising how many couples don’t fully think this through in the planning process and wind up having to find a place at the last minute.  Additionally, Carillon Park is incredibly diverse in it’s backdrops and location settings for picture taking.  Some buildings are newer construction with beautiful white pillars and clean lines, while others are over one hundred years old and serve as an amazing throwback/vintage chic look.  There are also plenty of long, clean, paved pathways for walking shots as well as tree-lined horizons with the setting sun piercing through.  And it doesn’t stop there: you can find clock towers, unique benches, a wide assortment of small church type buildings, and plenty of really cool walls and textures all over the property.  With this Park it’s much more about narrowing down the ideas than it is trying to find things to shoot.


One of many beautiful historical buildings at Carillon Park

James F. Dicke Family Transportation Center

 When you book your event at Carillon Park, you also have the opportunity to reserve the James F. Dicke Family Transportation Center.  This section of the Park features a gorgeous floor to ceiling glass walled banquet building, a bridge with plenty of room for wedding ceremony seating, and plenty of paved outdoor space for tables, dancing, mingling, etc.  Check out their Pinterest page to get a great perspective on the look and feel when it’s all dressed up for an event.  I mean, who doesn’t want to have their wedding ceremony on a bridge?  The photography opportunities are nearly endless here as well…again it will be important to scout the event and come up with a detailed plan before the event because you will be overwhelmed and end up shooting 5,000 pictures if you don’t.  We loved capturing the wedding from both angles on the bridge; some of the shots we were able to get are truly one of a kind.  The main building’s glass wall, bridge staircases, train car decorated interior, and unique lighting all provide a ton of truly inspiring photo opportunities.  If you’re currently considering Carillon Park for your venue, I would recommend stopping by and getting the tour, it will be well worth your time.


Beautiful mature trees make a great backdrop at Carillon Park

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