Green Couch Wedding Trailers


You’ve heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If that’s the case then a video is worth a million. But who has the time to watch an entire wedding day? You’ll watch your full length wedding video once, maybe twice. Possibly once more on your 5 year anniversary.

And this is where a Green Couch Wedding Trailer comes in. Go ahead, take a gander.


What you just felt there was emotion. Whether you know Lucas + Ali or not, you are now connected to them. You didn’t need to attend their wedding to experience it. You didn’t scroll through pages of a Facebook Wedding Album. You didn’t watch a 4 hour wedding movie. You breezed through a 5 minute wedding trailer.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“Beautiful! I cried all over again.”  -Lisa S.


“I didn’t cry at the wedding nor reception but when I viewed the video, I lost it!” – Valerie K.


“You can’t post such things without warning people to get a WHOLE BOX of tissues before watching. This is so special. I think I’ll go cry again now.” Shelby S.


“I can’t stop watching!!” – Ali I.


“I don’t even know them and I was moved!” – Julie C.


Treat your wedding like a Hollywood summer blockbuster. Fill out the contact form below and find out how you can get your own Green Couch Wedding Trailer.


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