Jeff + Lisa

I love writing about the “First Looks” or the interactions at the altar. I don’t often write about the parents. However, this was a very unique situation. In fact this was the first experience with this, and so far my last. Let me explain:


Lisa and I are done with the getting ready photos. We finished the group shots. There aren’t any posed photos that we need. Lisa asks me to get a picture with her and her mother. At this point I am recalling a conversation that she and I had during our initial meeting prior to the wedding. Lisa had explained that her mother passed away when she was a child. I start to think how difficult it would be for a bride on her wedding day without her mother. Her mom. The one who calms her. The one who clasps her dress. The one who gives her the something old. Lisa didn’t have that privilege on her wedding day.


Lisa reaches for a photo. It’s an old photograph of a beautiful women in a wedding dress. It’s faded. Off color. Worn. This is Lisa’s mother on her own wedding day. Lisa holds it close to her heart and leans against the window sill. The conditions were not ideal for taking a photo. The light was too bright for a background. The sill wasn’t styled. The colors weren’t rich. But this was how Lisa stood with her mom. This is how they had their moment together. Looking down for just a second, Lisa smiles at her mom. I take the picture.


Some might read this and think, “That poor girl. It has to be so hard to get married without her mom.” That isn’t the point of this entry. The reason I chose this moment was to show that Lisa wasn’t without her mom on her wedding day. Her mom was with her every second of that day. She was with her as she walked the aisle, said “I do”, and had her first dance. That’s the look she gave her mother while leaning against that window sill. Lisa had her mom.


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The When and Where:

Jeff + Lisa spent October 12th, 2012 roaming the beautiful city of Cincinnati. They got ready at the Hilton, married at St. Jude and finally celebrated at Wunderland Hall. We covered some serious ground.


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