The Green Couch – The Start of An Era

We get asked so often, “Where in the world did you come up with ‘Green Couch Photography’?”  The short answer can be seen in the image below :)  Hold on tight for the long version.


Up until about a year ago we’ve been going by TTP Photography.  Super memorable, right?  Yea, I know, you already forgot the name.  That was the problem.  Chris and I were asked constantly what TTP stood for.  We quickly became burnt out on the tongue twister of an explaination.  Just to bore you during this post I’ll explain it one final time.  Ehem…TTP is an english transliteration of a Greek phrase Τεξνης Τυ Φωτος (Technes Tu Photos) meaning “The Art of Light” (This is also where I had to explain that Chris and I took Biblical Koine Greek in college).  Yea, how cool are we?


Tired of the puzzled looks and gracious, “Oh yea, that’s cool…” we decided to bury TTP and resurrect a new brand.  We wanted something that represents our light natured personalities and would stick in your head like a MmmBop.  We knew we weren’t going to go with the industry standard of “Name-Name Photography” nor did we want a logo that looked even remotely like a camera or aperture.  Stumped, I reached out for help.  I recruited my right hand gal over at The Envelope , Annie Bowers.  Prepare for magic.


Annie and I are slouched in the corner of her shop.  We were racking our brains to think of a word.  A phrase.  An image.  Anything to move us forward.  Annie turns and asks, “What do you have that no other photographers have?  What makes you special?”

Jokingly, I say, “My couch.  It’s old.  It’s Green.  It’s one of a kind.  I bought it for $100 at Home2Home and can guarantee no one else has it.”  We both chuckle and say, “Ha Ha Green Couch Photography…”.  Completely unaware of the brand candy we just unwrapped, we continued our journey.  No more than 5 minutes passed when we simultaneously turned to each other to say, “I love it.”


It met the criteria.  Not my name.  Not a camera.  Green Couch Photography was a blinking neon sign in my mind.  ‘Twas brainstorming gold.


Next project was to design a logo.  Annie handed me a blank piece of paper and a black sharpie.  I tried to draw my couch to the best of my abilities.  Annie glanced at it and said, “That’s perfect!”  A little photoshop-ing and font styling and we had a brand.

A cruddy drawing.  An unforgettable name.  A wild imagination.  It was the start of an Era.


It all started with this thrift shop gem.




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