Wedding Pro: JD Hughes

Chris and I have been to a number of wedding receptions that end up with us, the wedding photographers, directing the flow of the evening. Not that I mind, but it’s not one of our responsibilities as photographers to guide the bride and groom to and from each checkpoint of the night. Unfortunately, that happens all too often which then leads to missed opportunities for more great images. Fortunately, this was not the case for our most recent wedding thanks to today’s Wedding Pro: JD Hughes.


A DJ is the heart beat of every wedding reception. A bad one can kill the mood and send guests home early. A good one keeps people dancing until the lights shut off. JD Hughes is so good, he sent the crowd to an after party…boom.


JD was a non-stop professional. His 30 years of experience showed at Andy + Sarah‘s wedding. There were no awkward breaks or forced transitions. He was able to read the room and go with the flow as well as maintain a steady momentum.


From a wedding photographer standpoint, JD Hughes earned some serious bonus points. When the ceremony ran long and we ran short on time, JD was more than willing to open his schedule to allow us to steal the bride and groom for an extra 30 minutes for some additional photos. This saved our night. Our recommendation, hire him. If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding then this is your man. Don’t leave it up to your wedding photographers to steer your reception. You’ll end up with one guest on the dance floor and no photos of it…


You can find JD Hughes here:

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